Thursday, June 3, 2010

What is your Primary Keyword Phrase?


After using KeywordDiscovery or WordTracker, you should have a great list of keyword phrases. Ideally, you have a single keyword phrase that sticks out from the rest that best represents the category of service, product, or information your website provides. This is your Primary Keyword Phrase and is the one phrase that will be included on all your web pages, particularly on your home page.

In general, this will be your most generic and most competitive phrase, thus it will also be the most difficult to rank well for. You should also have several other phrases that represent more specific or refined variations to your Primary Keyword Phrase. These phrases will be used on your specific product or service pages.

For example, let’s use a website that sells house plans online:

Primary Keyword Phrase: “house plans”
Specific variations: “country house plans”
“luxury house plans”
“Cape Cod house plans”

Notice how the Primary Keyword Phrase is contained within the more specific phrases? This is the ideal situation.

Do not try to go after very broad, generic keywords or single words. Those days are over, won by those that started the SEO game years ago and those that have deep pockets. Realistically, how difficult do you think it would be to get a top ranking for, say “computers”, “mortgages”, “cars”, “travel”, or “insurance”? You’d be competing with millions of other web pages and with websites that are eons more established. So you go for the niches for your riches.

What are your Secondary Keyword Phrases?

After using KeywordDiscovery or WordTracker, you should have a list of phrases that do not have as high of a search (traffic) number as your Primary Keyword Phrase but are nonetheless also relevant. These are your Secondary Keyword Phrases that, while also highly relevant to your website or business, are not searched on as frequently as your Primary Keyword Phrase.

Using the example above, here are some Secondary Keyword Phrases for “house plans”:

Secondary Keyword Phrases: “home plans”
“home designs”

Secondary Keyword Phrases should also be used on your site, just not as frequently as your Primary Keyword Phrase.


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