Thursday, June 3, 2010

Specialized Keyword Phrases Convert Better


The more specialized or targeted your keyword phrase is, the more targeted your audience, the more qualified the potential traffic, and hence the greater the potential sales conversion rate will be on your site. Do not discount keywords just because KeywordDiscovery or WordTracker shows a low traffic value - singly they may not bring much traffic but collectively they can. A large percentage of search is very targeted and specific using multiple words – this is the vaunted “Long Tail”.

Don’t try to rank highly on one-word and even competitive 2-word phrases - instead try 3, 4 and 5-word phrases. These are MUCH easier to rank well for because the majority of your competitors are all chasing the same generic words and aren't thinking about digging deeper. One easy way to get more specific is to put a geographic modifier in the keyword phrase (if applicable to you). If you are a veterinarian in Seattle for example, stop trying to optimize for the competitive “veterinary clinics” phrase and instead try for “Seattle veterinary clinics” since your business is confined to that geographical area anyway.

Put another way, focus on depth, not breadth on your site.

General Keyword Strategy

Now that you have your list of best and most important keyword phrases, here is the general strategy of how to use them on your web pages. Exactly how to optimize your use of keywords on your web pages is the subject of the next section.

The general rule of thumb is that you optimize each page for ideally no more than two different keyword phrases.

Each page should include your Primary Keyword Phrase. Your home page should also contain your best Secondary Keyword Phrase. Each product, service, or content page should also contain the best specific variation to your Primary Keyword Phrase.

Because your home page is generally the one that gets the highest ranking, and is linked to most from other sites, you need to place special emphasis on the use of your Primary Keyword Phrase there. Your home page will then link to other pages on your site that contain (and are optimized for) your other, more specific, keyword phrases.

Using the example again for “house plans”, here would be the general strategy:

• Home page: optimize for “house plans” (primary phrase) and “home plans” (best secondary phrase).

• Country House Plans page: optimize for “country house plans” phrase and any other variations, such as “French country house plans”. Note how these phrases already contain the Primary Keyword phrase within them. This is the ideal situation to achieve.

• French Country House Plans page: optimize for “French country house plans” phrase.

• Contact Us page: include the phrase “house plans” several times on the page. This page, along with the other “fluff” pages, are not really relevant for any specific keyword phrase. So use your Primary Keyword Phrase here.

• About Us page: again, include “house plans” phrase several times on the page for the same reason as the Contact Us page.

This example, while being quite general, nonetheless should give you an idea of how to move forward. Now let’s look at how and where to place keywords on your web site correctly.

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